You have entered the world of Alan Lessik, author of the acclaimed novel The Troubleseeker,  writer, Zen practitioner, amateur figure skater , LGBTQ activist and all around Berlin type of guy. Depending on the moment, I can assume any one or several of these identities, although I will focusing on my writing on this site.

Curious about the other identities? Feel free to check out my figure skating videos on youtube. A search on google for me, will bring up any number of activities I have been involved with over the years.

The Troubleseeker

Short-listed for the 2017 Publishing Triangle’s Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBTQ Fiction

“This stunningly creative novel, The Troubleseeker…with its accessible writing, a compelling central character, and a fascinating blend of languages and cultures, …is a powerful first novel.” –The Gay and Lesbian Review

“This odyssey is a potent mash-up of contemporary history, Greek mythology, Caribbean Santería, and queer eroticism, and in its own way is just as epic.”–Lambda Literary Review

Now available at your local Independent Bookstore or in Kindle and Book form at Amazon