The Road to Bhutan (well actually the flights to Bhutan)

It was a wonderfully sunny and warm day in San Francisco today. It always does that when I leave on a trip as if to say, “don’t leave me, it is so nice here, unlikely to be this nice anywhere else.” But I know the city is fickle and today’s lovely weather will change, the cold rains will appear and the skies turn grey.
Fog over mission

So here I go on my way to Bhutan, via Shanghai and Bangkok. In a few hours, I will have escaped the grip of the city where I live, the city that can be one of the most beautiful, the city that I call home. I will find new homes along the way and then forsake my new found love for the next place and experience with its new delights and interests.

My latest mindfulness practice is that of no-comparison. Each moment is what it is; comparing only brings attachment, perception of loss or gain, wanting and never to be filled desire. So I leave home to love each place and time fully until the next second passes for me to love that. Although I want to make a comment on that last statement, that would be comparing, so I will just end my writing now.

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